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Multivitamin Tablets
The multivitamin tablets are supplements that are made by keeping in mind the needs of the human body. The supplements in the form of tablet help in fulfilling the minerals and vitamin need of people.
Pharmaceutical Syrup

Pharmaceutical syrups are multivitamin and multivitamin supplements in the form of liquid syrup. These are over the counter medicines, which are mainly taken to treat deficiency of iron, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, etc.

Pharmaceutical Tablets

Our company currently have Hezfol-XT tablets in the range of pharmaceutical tablets. The Ferrous ascorbate folic acid and zinc sulphate tablets are combination tablets which can treat iron deficiency.

Protein And Vitamin Powder

Protein and vitamin powder offered is a dietary supplement which can be taken with water or milk. Available in chocolate flavour, this dietary powder can be taken on daily basis.

Vitamin Syrup

Available in green apple and other fruit flavours, the multiple minerals and vitamin syrups in 200ml bottles, these can be taken as dietary supplement. It supplies protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the body.